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Specializing In The Design, Manufacture and Production of Electronics

With 10 years of experience in the field of design and production of advanced electronic devices as well as range of home appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, etc., we are at your service.

Technical Knowledge

Abtin Fan Company with its experienced team and high technical knowledge in the field of electronics, industrial devices and commercial boards, offers high quality in design.

High Technology

With the current situation of significant development of the electronics industry in the world, the condition for competition and up-to-date knowledge is a high level of knowledge and technology along with experience in the field of designing. We have used the best team to do this important thing.

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Competitive Price

With the knowledge of appropriate links and the provision of raw parts for products at the lowest price, we have led to production at a reasonable price.

Primary Components

This company, with experienced and experienced links in the field of parts supply, offers the cost price of products at a very competitive price without losing quality.Proper preparation of raw parts plays a very important role in the cost of the product. Hence this component is very important.

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Modern Equipments

The company can design and produce its products with high acceptable standards by having up-to-date and modern equipment in the field of design and production.


Advanced and up-to-date production equipment lines plays an important role in producing quality and flawless products. Production of products is done entirely within the company and with the company’s equipment and it’s not outsourced so you can be sure of the product produced.

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With experienced specialists and up-to-date equipment, we are proud to support our products with the utmost effort.

After Sales SERVICE

The company has the maximum technical support and after-sales service with its expert team, modern equipment and proper management. Our specialists will meet your needs and they will response to all of your questions and problems that may be occur at the Future So Trust us and out teams.

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Building Advanced Electronics Device

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